Home valuation: the different factors that influence the price

17 December 2021

To estimate a property, several factors must be taken into account. However for an individual, it can be difficult to find the right price. To help you accurately estimate your home and put it up for sale at a reasonable price, here are some criteria that affect the price of a property.


The valuation of a property is the essential step to achieve for the purpose of a sale. In order to make the most accurate house estimate in Montargis, three important phases are essential to take into consideration all the elements and variables that come into play in the price of your possession. Among the economic factors that influence the price of your home, there is the interest of the property. This particularly concerns the type of clientele according to the property sold, the attractiveness of the sector, etc. Added to this is the economic situation. It takes into account the number of sales, borrowing rates charged or demand in the sector. In addition to this, there are also the weighting criteria. These are indicators that take into consideration various criteria and influence the value of the house in question.


In the house estimate in Montargis, physical factors come into focus. These are made up of many criteria associated with housing and the environment in which it is located, among others, the interior and exterior appearance (its condition, type of architecture, etc.), the environment, the insulation (compliance with energy standards, comfort, etc.) or maintenance (equipment, facade and many more).


Alongside these two elements, the legal criteria are also determining points and require the expertise of a professional. The right to remain in the premises is considered (here we are talking about respecting the expiry date of the residential lease and the notice period), the easements (passage, view, subsoil, etc.), the land (information on the owner of the land on which the accommodation is located).

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