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  • Home valuation: the different factors that influence the price

    To estimate a property, several factors must be taken into account. However for an individual, it can be difficult to find the right price. To help you accurately estimate your home and put it up for sale at a reasonable price, here are some criteria...

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  • Did you know ? The advantages of signing your compromise in an agency.

    Selling your home takes time! Before finalizing the sale of your property to the notary, it may take several months. The appointment times at the notary for the signing of the sales agreement can also be quite long, delay the sale process and...

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  • Did you know ? Duties and responsibilities of a real estate agent.

    When you call on a real estate agent for your sale project, you call on his expertise in order to: To be able to save time and money. To avoid certain pitfalls of a transaction between individuals. Surround yourself with maximum transactional...

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  • Did you know ? Why is the exclusive mandate more advantageous?

    Using an agency for the sale of your property means signing a sales mandate. The seller can choose between a simple mandate and an exclusive mandate.The exclusive mandate is a real contract of trust between the seller and the real estate agency.The exclusive...

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