Did you know ? Duties and responsibilities of a real estate agent.

17 October 2021

When you call on a real estate agent for your sale project, you call on his expertise in order to:

  • To be able to save time and money.
  • To avoid certain pitfalls of a transaction between individuals.
  • Surround yourself with maximum transactional security.

Indeed, the real estate agent, in addition to the legal obligations (prior declaration of activity, mandate, authorizations, drafting of legal acts, etc.) has an obligation to provide advice and information both vis-à-vis the seller and towards the potential buyer. But that's not all. He can engage his civil liability and sometimes his criminal liability.

For the sale, the real estate agent checks:

  • The capacity, power and consent of the owner.
  • The conformity of the property for sale with the destination desired by the purchaser.
  • The characteristics of the property for sale and underline any defects thereof.
  • The possibility for the buyer to financially complete the acquisition of the property for sale.

Calling on Blain & Cochet Immobilier for your project means ensuring that all the conditions of the sale are met at the time of signing between sellers and buyers.

When you go through our agency, we prepare the various contracts, from the drafting of the mandate, through the sales agreement which will be sent to the notary for the electronic signature of the authentic deed:

  • Customization of the deed of sale with its numerous appendices.
  • Signature on site or remotely.
  • Sharing of legal documents between the seller and the buyer with the notary.
  • Availability of documents on a secure cloud.

Want to sell your property ? Come tell us about your project.

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